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Vegan Restaurants Charlotte

800° Woodfired Kitchen Phillips Place serves the best vegan food in Charlotte, including salads, bowls, sandwiches, and irresistible vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free cuisine. Visit us now!

Top Vegetarian Restaurants – Charlotte, NC

800° Woodfired has now established a presence in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although our menu is more than just vegan food, Charlotte now has options for those on a plant-based diet. Whether you prefer vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian food, Charlotte-based 800° Woodfired Kitchen has options for you.

Best Vegan Restaurants, Charlotte – We Have Vegan Options

In 2011, chef Anthony Carron founded 800° Woodfired Kitchen with the mission of delivering clean eating, local sourcing of fresh, organic ingredients, and using extra virgin olive oil in the preparing of the menu. The dough is made fresh, and the meats and cheeses are artisan-quality. Although not packed with vegan restaurants, Charlotte now has a place with something for everyone. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are on our menu. We have a catering menu, and Charlotte’s 800° Woodfired Kitchen has an indoor/outdoor patio and an adjacent bar.

Vegetarian Restaurants Charlotte, NC

Our SouthPark location is 3,000 square feet and offers outdoor and indoor seating for both lunch and dinner. Connected to the restaurant is a full bar (check out Bar One Phillips Place). For local partners and businesses, 800° Woodfired Kitchen Phillips Place offers an extensive catering menu. Call us to learn more.

With locations around the world, 800° Woodfired Kitchen offers a diverse menu. For vegetarian food, Charlotte, NC now has options for you. Years ago, if you only ate vegan food, Charlotte would have been a challenging place to find a good meal. At 800° Woodfired Kitchen, we have satisfying salads, bowls, artisan sandwiches, and vegetable dishes…and, of course, our mouthwatering craft pizza. We have something flavorful and craveable to please the palates of every guest, especially if you are looking for vegetarian restaurants in Charlotte, NC.

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